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President's Message: President's Message- July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

President's Message- July 13, 2008

Fellow APTA members- As part of the content on our new website, I intend to write a monthly President's message in an attempt to better inform interested persons about APTA activities and programs.On July 1, 2008 when I took office as the APTA President I was humbled about attempting to fill the shoes of so many fine past presidents since 1951. At the same time,I welcome the challenge to try to carry out the stated goals of the APTA- preservation of historic structures within the State of Tennessee, to promote the understanding of the history of our state, and to edcuate the public about preservation. Since I became a member several years ago I have been enthused about the things the APTA can accomplish in this state in the preservation field. At the same time, I have reached the realization that preservation dollars are scarce and limit the things we can do. In order to move forward to achieve our goals I propose a ten point program for the APTA for the next two year period as follows:

1. Growth of chapter and Associate membership.A special emphasis on attracting young people with preservation interests.

2. Provide better support and technical assistance to the chapters.

3. To increase the number of chapters.

4. To create a "revolving fund" to acquire and preserve, for the short-term, historic structure in danger of destruction.

5. To become more involved in the preservation of historic buildings through the use of historic conservation easements and historic restrictions and covenants.

6. To train volunteers as grantspersons and to seek grants assistance for chapters.

7. To provide centralized legal assistance to chapters.

8. To remain a "preservation player" and use out skills and resources to work in concert with other preservation agencies to preserve historic properties.

9. To create an APTA presence in as many counties in Tennessee as possible through media promotions, historic markings and chapter events.

10. To promote APTA sites through the newly revised website and our new APTA brochure.

I realize this program is expansive. I also realize it will take the efforts of all APTA members to make progress in these areas. But as this state's oldest historic preservation organization, I belive we have the ability to be a leader in the preservation field in Tennessee. I welcome the assistance of all members to carry out this ambitious program. Please contact myslef or Martha Sloan, the Executive Director if you wish to become involved in any of these programs.