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President's Message: President's Message-August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

President's Message-August 25, 2009

As the summer winds down I wanted to remind our members that we are conducting our 2009 historic marking program. The calendar mentions upcoming events but I wanted to mention that photos of our marking events will be featured on this website. All APTA members and interested persons are welcome to these events. We have marked two sites this year, the Cullum Mansion circa 1838 in Carthage and the Isaac McBee house near Strawberry Plains circa 1850. Both sites are excellent examples of mid-19th century architecture. The owners of these properties are very gracious and were wonderful hosts to those in attendance. I also want to thank the Glenmore chapter for hosting the APTA Board meeting last Saturday. If you have not visited this site, please do so when you get a chance. In fact, I urge you to visit all our sites as I learn something new every time I visit a site. Finally, our Executive Director, Martha Sloan has advised that she wishes to step down from this position as soon as a replacement is found so that she can concentrate on other endeavors. She has done a great job and has been a tireless worker for the APTA. She desires to continue on as a member and volunteer, especially with involvement in the marking program. Your efforts to the APTA are very much appreciated, Martha. We look forward to your continued efforts on behalf of the APTA.

Anyone wishing to apply for this position can e-mail resumes to my attention at bnotestine@hotmail.com