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President's Message: President's Message- In Memorium

Sunday, March 21, 2010

President's Message- In Memorium

I want to take this opportunity to advise the members of the passing of one of our former state Presidents, Alice Wright Algood of Columbia, on this past Tuesday. Although all of the APTA members I have met have had some influence or impact on me, the biggest impact was made by two members, now both deceased. Vance Berry helped to "groom" me for the Presidents office and he provided valuable insight into the past and future of the APTA and its day to day operation and goals. Alice Algood made it clear to me that a strong APTA was vital to the preservation effort in this state when some persons doubted the role and future of the APTA. She was very intelligent, forceful, direct and blunt ( in a great sense). She was a true conservative and a renowed member of the GOP in this state. But she also was a great local and state historian and preservationist. She made it clear to me that the APTA needed to play a continuing role in preservation in this state and we did not need to rest on past laurels but make our way and impact in the future. I will personally miss her as a "rock" who could get things done, as well as a true supporter of the APTA. Alice belived in accomplishment and results and I have often thought of her when a tough decision had to be made. We are blessed with many dedicated members in the APTA but no-one was quite like Alice. I think one of the real losses is her memory about history and preservation and the history of the APTA. It was fitting that the the funeral services took place in a lovely historic church, Zion Presyterian Church, near Columbia that has roots back to 1807. It was also very fitting that her coffin was covered by magolia leaves from historic homes in Columbia. We will miss you, Alice.